Staples Transformation

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We lead the transformation of African staples from plantation agriculture to agribusiness and agro-industrial undertakings with investments in palm oil milling and refining, and functional food ingredients processing that include the transformation of Cassava to Global Food Safety Initiative standards and certified High Quality Cassava Flour. We have deepened the art of bringing to our highly discerning consumers, our ready-to-eat foods and snacks currently market champions as pre-cleaned, precooked, mostly ready for consumption packaged foods. We have delved more into quality of current and new food product development initiatives from cassava flour.

Beyond our ready-to-eat foods, we have, for long, forayed into the ready-to-cook foods such as our Global Standard Yam Flour (GSYF) for our indigenous and ethnic customers everywhere they may be in the world. Apart from working and supporting our partners to meet all necessary export standards, including input of US expertise and needed capacity development for employees of the local firms, we review and analyze supply and demand to help establish pricing mechanisms for global trade expansion with specific pulse on logistics requirements for export to US markets.

Leaders in Food Innovation

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