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Acclaimed global food and agriculture company, with sustained infrastructure development strategies that enable us to reach the world in eight locations in the United States while maintaining full operations in five continents. We are uplifting the economic power of the people and paying attention to the environmental impacts of our work.

North American Distribution Centers

Northern California • Southern California • Texas • Georgia • Illinois • Maryland • New York • New Jersey

Global Markets

Our global distribution chain extends throughout the world, ready to meet the demands of consumers globally. Fayus, Inc. currently has distribution centers on six continents:
The Future of Fayus, Inc.

At Fayus, Inc. we are in complete control of our success—and yours.

Raw Materials

Processing Industrial Food Ingredients

Manufacturing Consumer Packaged Goods


Marketing, Logistics and Distribution

Consumer Insights and
R&D Innovation

Jobs and Careers at Fayus, Inc.