Who We Are

We are a Minority-Owned Small Business Enterprise (SBE) headquartered in Sacramento, California and our subsidiaries include Yusol Foods and Fayus Nigeria Limited.

For nearly 30 years, we have been importing specialty foods into the United States for further processing into branded consumer packaged goods for local consumption in North America and export to markets in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Our keys to business growth and success have been select investments in warehousing and distribution systems across the United States, and supply chain infrastructure in eight other countries spanning five continents, as well as New Food Products and R&D innovations.

Our Vision

To become the preferred supplier of industrial food ingredients and consumer packaged goods to our global customers.

Our Mission

We invest in sustainable agricultural supply chain infrastructure, food processing, manufacturing and innovation in new food products to drive employment creation and wealth generation opportunities for our local partners, small holder farmers, women and youth in Africa.
Corporate Headquarters
Global Subsidiaries
Operations in 5 Continents
Jobs to be created over 3 years

New Growth Business Opportunities

At Fayus, We Are:


Sourcing staple food products from Asia-Pacific, Asia, and African markets for further processing into consumer-packaged goods in the United States.


Expanding from our core business of wholesale and distribution of specialty foods into food processing and manufacturing of consumer-packaged goods in North America and Africa.


Working with business-to-business local partners as well as donors and development partners to help drive Research and Development (R&D) to innovatively transform African staples into industrial food ingredients for export from Africa to North American and European markets.


Transforming High-Quality Cassava and Tapioca Flour (HQCF/HQTF) into Instant Tapioca Flakes for making gluten-free and grain-free products such as snacks, crackers, wraps, pizza crusts, noodles, and other packaged consumer food products.


Focused on cassava fresh roots and oil palm production, processing, and manufacturing capacity expansion by co-investing with local agribusiness partners in West Africa to ensure supply security and sustainability of our business growth plan and global market competitiveness.


Creating jobs and inclusive economic growth opportunities for tens of thousands of smallholder farmers, women, and youth in Africa, starting with Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Zambia.


Co-Investing in the transformation of fresh root vegetables such as cassava and taro into functional food ingredients to ensure compliance to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certifications and the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FDA-FSVP).​

Meet the Fayus Team

Together, we're bringing high-quality foods to markets and homes around the world.

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